August 29th Scrimmage @ TBD ALL LEVELS

September 3rd       AWAY GAME @ 7:00pm vs Waconia  @Waconia

September 11th      HOME GAME @ 7:00pm vs Orono @ Cooper Stadium

September 17th      AWAY GAME @ 7:00pm vs St. Louis Park@ St. Louis Park 

September 25th     HOME GAME @ 7:00pm vs Academy of Holy Angels@ Cooper Stadium Tie it Teal

October 2nd            HOME GAME@ 7:00pm vs Bloomington Jefferson @ Cooper Stadium (Homecoming)

October 9th             AWAY GAME @ 7:00pm vs Benilde St. Margaret’s @Benilde St. Margaret’s

October 14th          AWAY GAME @ 7:00pm vs Irondale @ Irondale High School

October 21st           HOME GAME @ 7:00pm vs DeLaSalle  @ Cooper Stadium (Senior Night)


August 29th Scrimmage @TBD ALL LEVELS

September 2nd @ 4:30pm @ Waconia 

September 10th @ 4:30pm VS Orono @ Cooper

September 16th @ 4:30pm @ St. Louis Park 

September 24th @ 4:30pm VS Academy of Holy Angels @ Cooper

October 1st @ 4:30pm VS Bloomington Jefferson @ Cooper

October 8th @ 4:30pm @ Benilde St. Margaret’s 

October 13th @ 4:30pm @ Irondale 

October 20th @ 4:30 VS DeLaSalle @ Cooper



August 29th Scrimmage @TBD ALL LEVELS

September 2nd @ 4:30pm VS Waconia @ Cooper 

September 10th @ 4:30pm @ Orono

September 16th @ 4:30pm vs St. Louis Park @ Cooper 

September 24th @ 4:30pm @ Academy of Holy Angels

October 1st @ 4:30pm @ Bloomington Jefferson 

October 8th @ 4:30pm vs Benilde St. Margaret’s @ Cooper 

October 13th @ 4:30pm vs Irondale @ Cooper 

October 20th @4:30pm vs DelaSalle @ DelaSalle High School