2020 Booster Board

BriAnn Henderson and Dena Russell – Co-Presidents

Lisa Stachowski  – Vice President

Alysia Williams – Secretary

Deb Daberkow-Wright – Treasurer

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Cooper Football Meetings are held Monthly –

2nd Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.

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Meeting Minutes:


Tuesday, September 9, 2019

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tuesday, February 15th, 2019:

FUNDRAISING IDEA—a “Beer Bust” at Big Louie’s. Briann spoke with the manager there. They would host a keg as a donation along with a couple gift cards, we would purchase the rest.  They will furnish and pay bartenders, bouncers, etc. WE would need to provide raffle prizes.  We would charge $15-20 per person.  Other groups have been very successful with this fundraiser—is it something we can pursue?

 Committee Leads for 2019

 Fundraising Co-Chairs (includes Cub Bagging, Cooper Cards,) Terry to set up bagging dates for the entire year We still need volunteers to Co-Chair fundraising—Terry felt it was important to get dates for bagging scheduled so took that item.  Next Cub Bagging is Sunday, February 3rd—SUPERBOWL SUNDAY at the Cub Foods located at 10200 6th Ave N, Plymouth (169 and 55—behind Bachman’s).  This is a smaller Cub and they request only 3-4 boys at a time.  Bagging is from 11am-4pm.  Jon West, Tegan Andler, Deb Wright will assist but we could use a couple additional parent volunteers—we also make more money when we have coaches present throughout the day. . .

Varsity Banquet Committee (Varsity Plaques, Venue, Menu, Volunteers, Decorations) Briann Henderson will take the lead; Karen will pass on information she has gathered over the last couple years.  We are looking for a new venue-hopefully one that will let Milton’s cater the meal.

B-squad Banquet Committee (Menu, Volunteers, Decorations)

Football Programs for 2019 We did NOT do programs last year—no one really missed them—they are expensive to print and we lost money ( a lot) two years ago on them.

Spirit wear

·         Briann offered to take the lead on ordering merchandise—however, she (nor anyone else) wants to store it at home. . .too much work to bring it back and forth. 

·         During the season we would like to store it in the remodeled building

·         In the off season can we store it in the Equipment Room?  It would be about three plastic bins—maybe a couple boxes.

Scoreboard Dena Russell provided an update from John O.  Project is moving forward and school board will be voting on it.

Concessions (Permitting, food purchases, setup) Deb has again volunteered to take this on.  We did discuss pairing down our offerings for next season.  Grill items would remain the same but we will cut down on the different candy, chips and soda.  People have trouble making a decision, and sometimes just leave when we are too busy. She will also handle securing space at the church for spaghetti dinners

Food donations (2-a day practices, Pre-game, Spaghetti dinners) Terry is going to reach out to various grocery stores in the area to see if we can get donations of hotdogs, burgers, buns, etc. for 2 a day practices.  Also solicit donations for spaghetti dinners.

Senior Night (flowers) Mary Jo Gentry to handle flowers.

Spirit Booth Update—John Oelfke isn’t responding to our emails on the status of the building . . will it be ready for next season? He had promised storage shelves, and a shelf on the window—still no window either

Crystal Frolics July 25, 26, 27, 28 and will be held at Welcome Park.  Deb attends the committee meeting and will keep us updated as the event draws closer.

2018  Season ( What went right? What do we need to fine tune?)

·         Fewer concession offerings to stream line the system

·         Calendar of events so Boosters can better prepare

·         Team photos—many were not happy with the quality of photos or the time it took to get what they ordered—we should look elsewhere.  Boosters can take this on if coaches would like.

·         More accurate list of players and parent contact info is needed.  Maybe have a Booster gather this info from registration packets

·         More people need to volunteer or we can’t continue to do everything we do with our core group of under 10 people. How can we STRONGLY encourage  volunteer time (notice I stopped short of require)

·         Mattress fundraiser needs to be better promoted if we are going to continue this effort.  Signs need to be out a week in advance.  We need to promote during home games (announcer)

Website Updates – Mary Jo will continue to update the website this season.  We would like to get a calendar in front of her ASAP.  We need to get info out there so people can plan their summer.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018